How to Design a Photography Blog

Now you want to publish a blog whether that is a personal blog or what, you need to have a basic knowledge in wed designing. Before that, you need to prepare first what you need in creating a website. Photos, rich photos of course, that are you have to edit in terms of its color and contrast, lighting, distorting, and many more.

Now, design a website. How do you do that? For beginners, wordpress is recommendable because everything is done for you, you just have to modify its features.

After that, you need to have a web hosting. This hosting will act as your server. Install wordpress on a server. There are many web hosting that you can buy like blue host, ipage, justhost, entryhost, netfirms, ipower and so on. Honestly speaking, many people use bluehost for personal website. For company websites, they also use other hosting.

After installing wordpress, you can start making your blog. Freely customize its content, widgets, header, theme and so on. Make the website beautiful to hold visitors. You can also create links to link to another website as to make the website more beautiful and resourceful. Below is an example of a finished website.

With regards to your photos, you cannot edit your photos in the wordpress itself. This is why you should do it in any photoeditor before pasting it in the web blog. Like this, you are doing well in your blogging. Keep your website also updated and respond to your viewers so they would know that the website is active. This is one way they can see that the website is legitimate or not. You can make money by making blogs for people. This is why website managing is important.