The Role of Colors in our Lives

Beginning our lives on the earth, we basically learn different colors even memorizing their names. Differentiating their uniqueness from each other and identifying its designated use. From our basic knowledge, we arrange then accordingly. Its hue for example, its darkness or lightness that is why a monochromatic concept is formed. Without color, there is no life. Everything is totally boring. As we grow up, we see the necessity of colors. The usage of colors is flexible and dynamic.  It is essentially important especially when doing the work of arts.

Sometimes, color defines who we are. It projects our feelings and emotions. When we are happy, we clothe ourselves with the color of happiness. Likewise when we are in depression, anxiety and loneliness. Black is an ideal color. It is mainly the symbolism of power. Formality and elegance are the basic things that black symbolized. During formal gathering, parties,…etc, black is typically used. Blue, the demanded color of the planet. Red is obviously related to anger, hatred, warm or even strength. We see in most products that a warning sign is always highlighted in red color. 

Meanwhile, orange symbolizes aggressiveness. Other than emotions and personalities, colors represent power and strength of a country, as well as its history and much more. Number of colors is far greater than what we see and imagine. As you know, outside our planet is a vast universe of which there is the 96% percent that human eyes cannot see since what we are seeing right at the moment is only 4%.