Ansel Adam: The master of black and white photography

In the field of photographers, one of the most famous and notable American photographers is Ansel Adams. He is famously known as the master black and white photographer. You might have witnessed one of his works in postcards or on the wall somewhere. His photographs are so unique and ubiquitous that it’s easy to walk by them without noticing their technical and aesthetic mastery. Ansel Adam’s photograph is not like that pictures in the Instagram but as a visual diary of his experience.

At first, Adam brings with him his brownie box camera on trips to Sierra Nevada Mountains that enthrall him for the rest of his life. His early photographs are enthusiastic but uninspired. Doing his photographs, Adam always had in his mind the feeling that he have every single time to pick up his camera and take a picture on what he saw with his eyes.

He first used this technique when he took half dome picture in 1920’s, this is his first of pre-visualized image when he really believes and understood that he could get a result and knew before he actually took the picture. Techniques such as burning and dodging and as well as the Zone System is a scientific technique that was developed by Adam. Learning how you can market through internet is the basic topic of this company,  BOT-TO Tech usually engage in online business strategy. They will gonna help you out through your services in the digital world here.