Facebook: The Undefeated World’s Largest and Widest Social Networking

Are you that kind of person who is looking for someone to socialize with or the one who is looking for a new friend both national and international? Facebook is your best option of it. Facebook is a website that is designed to bring people together as to connect to their family and friends and to see what is going on their lives in an online social network. Through facebook, we can share photos, videos, and information or ask for advice with the people we love regardless of where they are.

You can also use it for business matters like for example you have a business that you need to market. For friends and family, facebook is used if they like to spend time with reading posts and viewing pictures. For business as well, many used the facebook to check their favorite businesses and brands and used it as a model for the market . With so among much social networking site in the internet, Facebook is the leading social networking site.

A survey done in 2011, facebook members are more than three-quarters of a billion people in other words almost all of the world’s population are member Facebook website. Statistically, almost worldwide people are spending more time on the internet than ever before. The founder of facebook is a 26 years old Mark Zuckerberg of Harvard, his creation of facebook brought about a whopping 500 million people in 70 languages worldwide.