Looking at the Historical Discovery of Photography

The first idea for a pinhole camera came up in Ancient Greece and China during the time of Plato. At that time, the people came up with an experiment for being fond of sorting their thoughts. After this is the discovery of camera obscura, a camera without film. This is so interesting because the idea of coming up with this camera is an empty room.

If you put a little tiny hole on the wall of that empty room, the light will come in from the other side and it will be a sort of focus through that hole and then onto the wall on the opposite side. In this case, you can see here that this scene is being reflected on the wall are sort of focused on this wall through this hole. And you must be attentive in hearing the click of your camera, so you may need a great hearing aid from this site web. The missing chemicals for upgrading camera was discovered between 1200 and 1600 wherein scientist realize and discover that there is a group of a chemical called the silver nitrate and turned out to be photosensitive.

This was formulated and organized by Wilhelm Holmberg in 1694 after realizing that it has a photochemical effect. In the year 1833, a French guy Joseph Niepce who is interested in the idea of photography wanted to develop some kind of camera from camera obscura together with the light-sensitive silver nitrate and come up with a permanent photo and this photos lasted up until now.