Introduction to Photography

Photography is another form of art, in which the principles of science and arts are combined. It is a discussion if what photography is the best and how should a good photography look like. Photography simply means drawing with light, photo means light and graphos means drawing.

Photography is not all about the camera or  the lens. They are just tools that capture light and transform it into an editable form. Somehow,  it gives great impression but it is not what gives the photographer the ability to get amazing shots. Photography is all about you. It is how you see the world and picture that world through photography.

On the technical side, you want to make sure that you understand your camera and how it is working and why it is doing the thing that it is doing right now. On the other side, on the artistic side, you are learning your composition and you are following good technique.

Styles in photography are the following – commercial, art and documentary. Documentary photography is mainly focused on the subject. It has to do a lot with documenting the situation and making a story about the subject being documented. Art photography is all about the  artist’s mind in which the photographer is using photography to express himself or herself. In many ways, art photography is about the photographer. Commercial photography from its name is done with a certain customer in mind. Primarily involves advertising and promoting component.

Make photography as your lifestyle, and surely,  you will get much more pleasure out of your day.